Radio Free Space

Radio Free Space is a pirate station broadcast from an unknown location.

The presenter, known only as ____, urges for the dismantling of the corporate and centralised island nations in favour of forming an independent people’s collective.

The station often breaks new stories, including clandestine and black operations performed all over Azure by various parties, which has lead them to be targeted by several corporate, mercenary and government powers, who are yet to find out how the sensitive information is leaked.

The station is not available globally at all times, and is actually known to ‘drift’ across the globe, leading many to believe the station operates from some kind of mobile aerial or surface base. Despite several attempts to locate and neutralise the station by various government and corporate armed forces, they have so far been unsuccessful each time, with the station eluding discovery.

Aside from a handful of earth-based technicians, the reality is that the station is in fact a still-intact orbital surveillance satellite which follows a near-geosynchronous elliptical orbit. Due to the origin and power of the broadcast, any radio device directly beneath the satellite in a 3 mile radius is affected, receiving ‘bleed-over’, and causing a -4 to any Electronics Communications, Electronic Warfare and Sensors checks.

Radio Free Space

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