The existence of Hyperion, or the “Lost Colony”, is highly contentious.
Most people believe it is a myth, created as a cautionary tale, but there are a growing number of true believers who are determined to find it, especially the fabled and treasures it said to hold.

Hyperion is said to be located somewhere in the Stygian Window, which is why no one who goes searching for it ever returns.

The story goes that the first colonists of Azure chose the island of Hyperion as their capital. For years they prospered as a trading hub with other star systems, due to the valuable resources the planet had to offer. But eventually, having gorged on the fruits of their popularity, the people became too greedy and hubristic. Their desire for more resources was endangering the delicate ecosystem and brought with it floods, drought, famine and disease.

Some people believe that in order to redress the balance, the planet itself swallowed Hyperion whole.

Others believe Hyperion is still inhabited and the constant electrical maelstrom of the Stygian Window is created by a device they built to keep others out. They also believe they have a working spaceport.


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