Little information remains of the company for which “WKE” stands, but stockpiles of their failed Bane Virus cure have been found all over Azure in abandoned warehouses and research facilities.

As the destruction and desolation caused by the Bane Virus grew across Azure, the MediComs banded together in a last-ditch effort to produce an effective agent with which to fight the spread of the virus under the direction of “WKE”. Several compounds were created in quick succession, but early testing proved them all to be failures, all test-subjects either dying from the virus, or worse yet, from the cure they believed they were receiving itself.

WKE-6 proved to be an initial success – while the mortality rate of infected without WKE-6 was total, those provided with an intravenous dose of WKE-6 had a survival success of 63%, a huge leap towards a cure. Production was ramped up of WKE-6 while there was still time, and batches were delivered around Azure to major distribution points in preparation.

WKE-6 seemed to be working, but the virus had taken too much of a toll on the population and vital infrastructure, and most batches never made it to their destinations. In addition to it’s effect on the virus, the drug was found to be highly addictive and when taken intravenously, had an hallucinatory effect.

The Bane virus eventually loosed its grip on Azure and society began to pick up the pieces. Years later, believing rumours about the lost stockpiles, pirates sought and discovered a warehouse filled with WKE-6. Of course, it was immediately sold on the black market and WKE-6 quickly became widespread once more, but this time as a recreational drug.
Taking a cue from the drug’s abbreviated code name, smugglers, dealers and users all began to refer to it as   “Wake”.

Due to its widespread use, “Wake” began to be used and abused in different ways. While injecting it caused hallucinations, taking it orally or nasally would induce euphoria and smoking it would have an amphetamine effect.

Being under the influence of the drug is referred to as “Riding the Wake” and heavy abuse of the drug will cause a severe condition called a “Waking Dream”. You can tell a “Waker” by their slow, shambling walk and milk white eyes.

There have been several attempts at synthesising it in clandestine labs, but so far with no success. Despite this, it is becoming a growing problem and source of income for some of the criminal bands, and many such groups go to great lengths to locate and uncover further stockpiles.


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