House Rules and Character Packages

The Azure World Package


Characters are built on 180 points. Every independent aviation cargo company requires several crucial roles, including the following:

- A pilot (should have a high skill in pilot/TL6/7 (helicopter) and pilot/TL6/7 (heavy airplane) or possibly pilot/TL6/7 (light aircraft))
- A navigator (should have high navigation/TL7 (air))
- A flight engineer/mechanic (should have high mechanic/TL6/7 (aircraft))
- A cargo master (should have high skill in freight handling and merchant)

These should be combined with the various “troubleshooting” specialities:
- A face man
- Medic
- Shooter
- Gadgeteer
- Infiltrator/Scout

Rules, packages, lenses and templates suitable for the game setting can be found in GURPS: Action 1, tempered and bolstered by the information in the Pyramid magazine Cliffhangers. Initially, weapons and equipment are at TL6 and can be found in High Tech and High Tech Pulp Guns 1 and 2.

D6 System

Characters are built using the D6 Adventure module.

During gameplay, characters are expected to interact, acquire and adapt alien and advanced technologies into their own arsenals.

House Rules and Character Packages

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