Common Azure rice field and palms

Azure is cursed with poor soil, so agriculture is necessarily a labour-intensive practice, with composting and waste reclamation for fertilizer being vital. Many of the foodstuffs Terrans consider staples simply will not grow here.

The Azurian diet draws heavily on the sea, with fish – both native and imported stock – kelp, and sea greens being staples. This is supplemented with tropical fruits, which are common and reasonably priced, and rice. Chickens and seabirds are raised for meat, as are pigs, which are fairly common due to their hardiness and ability to eat almost anything. Root vegetables, red meat, and non-tropical fruits are rare and expensive delicacies. Wheat and other grass crops are simply unsuited to the climate and soil.

Other common crops include rubber and cotton. Sugarcane is also a cash crop, being used to make rum.


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