Welcome to Azure…

A lost colony planet not unlike our Terra, and so-called for it’s endless seas, it lives on in legend somewhere in the dark reaches of space.

Orbiting a binary star system, Azure is a tropical world of near pole-to-pole island archipelagos and island nations, already abandoned by an unknown race of colonists sometime in it’s past, leaving behind scraps of technology and structures in their haste for the human arrivals to scramble for. Poor in mineral wealth, the new settlers have struggled against incredible odds, including The Fall, reverting to earlier technologies, including prop-driven aircraft. Due to the abundance of natural fuels, flight has become the dominant mode of transport and travel while remnants of corporations and nations from old Terra live on, holding influence over swathes of islands and sea-lanes, and both they and independent operators vie for the control of abandoned technologies and fuel refineries, their products and facilities fiercely guarded.

Amongst all this, the people must contend with various scurrilous pirate factions, both sea and air – strikes from shifting zeppelin air-bases and lightning fast raids by powerboat now common occurrences.

Azure Skies

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