Omari Caliphate

The Omari Caliphate is an area of 4 Sultanates owing allegiance to the current Caliph, Abu ibn al-Siddiq, a direct descendent of a Sultan of Brune on lost Terra, who’s family line united the feuding states on Azure and was unanimously announced the new successor.

The Caliphate is a surprisingly stable region of Azure considering their Terran ancestry, however the usual shadowy political games are rife, but have little to no effect on the day-to-day operations of the Caliphate.

The region often find themselves at odds with the other Azure nations due to their rigid caste structure making business dealings and social interactions similar to negotiating a minefield for the unwary.

The 4 Sultanates making up the Caliphate are as follows:

Brune – home of the Omari capital.

Omari Caliphate

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